BasicRecipePointsWhat is tapping?

At its simplest, it is using your fingers to gently and repeatedly stimulate acupressure points, while evoking emotional states. Some people describe it as acupuncture for the emotions, without needles.

It is a powerful way to shift energetic blocks.

Tapping can break the link between a negative emotion and your normal response to that. It can also strengthen your ability to feel positive emotions, to make ‘joy’ your new normal!

Tapping has a growing scientific basis behind it, which you can read about here.

Below is a brief video demonstration of the basic tapping procedure, using the example of feeling stressed. I have an ever-growing playlist of different tapping sessions here.

For more information, carry on reading below.

Tapping Basics

The basic idea behind tapping is very simple:

Design a setup phrase and a reminder phrase
Say your setup statement three times while tapping the Karate Chop point
Say your reminder phrase while tapping through the Basic Recipe points – do at least two rounds

The Basic Recipe

The basic recipe is the most traditional form of EFT, certainly not the only one. Still it’s a good place to start!

First thing to do is decide what you want to work on. You could work on a specific situation, event or person that has upset you in some way. It is also used for pain, or for anxiety or even trauma.

Second, tune into yourself and write down a number between zero and ten to represent the intensity of the issue. Ten is generally considered the strongest response, with zero being no remaining issue.

Now, you’re ready to move onto the actually tapping.

The Setup Phrase

In traditional EFT, the setup phrase is used to define your ‘problem’ and to counter it with loving acceptance. In this way, you work around resistance, by acknowledging it and accepting it, while being open to change.

The setup phrase in traditional EFT is:

‘Even though I (name your problem), I completely and deeply love and accept myself.’

If you don’t feel comfortable with that wording, choose something that feels right to you. It could just be ‘I accept myself’, ‘I’m okay’, or even ‘I’m here’.

The Reminder Phrase

In the basic form of EFT, you say the setup phrase three times while tapping on the Karate Chop Point. You then tap two rounds on each of the rest of the points from the top of the head down, while saying or visualising (or both) something that reminds you of the setup phrase.

For instance, if your issue is having a stabbing pain in your shoulder, you might say: ‘this pain’ at one point, ‘this stabbing pain’ at the next point, ‘so painful’ at the third, and so on. There is no right or wrong thing to say here. Just use words that remind you what you are working on.

Assess your change

After the setup and two rounds of tapping, tune in to yourself again. How intense are your emotions now when you think about the issue you have been tapping on? You can always tap another round or two, or else try one of the additional techniques to boost change – take a look at the 9 Gamut Process on the Tapping FAQ page.

What do sessions cost?

Your investment for sessions is £80 per hour, with the first session taking an hour and a half (£100).  You can also book a package of 4 sessions for £250. I also offer discount rates for students, single parents, pensioners, and anyone on benefits.  Contact me for more information, on ceejaymccracken@gmail.com, or call 07561 231 281.