For Mums: Stressed to Serene


Being a mum is hard!

So many responsibilities, so much to do, so many demands on your time. And it’s not as though kids come with an instruction manual, either!
It can feel like you’re constantly on the go, like a hamster on a wheel. And it may sometimes feel equally pointless and thankless.
Being a mum is also rewarding and delightful, when you’re not too stressed to notice.

Stressed to Serene

This weekly group is designed to help you release all the stress you are holding. That way, you can feel like yourself again, and you can enjoy your kids, as well. And you may find yourself feeling more joyful and creative, too!

In the group, we will use acupressure tapping. This has been described as acupuncture for the emotions, with no needles. It’s a powerful technique backed by both scientific and anecdotal evidence. And it is proven to reduce stress, as well as releasing emotional blocks.

We will also use hypnorelaxation and guided imagery to access your best self, your inner goddess.

The group takes place in the Library at the Meeting House, 120 Heath Street, Hampstead, NW3 1DR on Tuesday lunchtimes. Contact me to find out more, as places are limited: or 07561 231 281.


What is it like to be in a group?

Some people wonder what the group experience is like. I’ve written about the benefits of groups here.
In terms of what the experience is like, Phillipson (2009) likens it to a dance.
Every time the group meets is a little different. Different dancers inspire different moves, or ask for their favourite song, which you may not have heard before. Even when the dancers and the music are the same, you might find yourself moving more smoothly, or adding in an extra step or jiggle or dip.
Some days may be more ‘school disco’, other days may be more ‘rave’ or even ‘strictly ballroom’.
Whatever the situation, the music can carry you, touch you, uplift you.
In the same way, sharing in the group experience can relax you, inspire you, move you.

What you can gain from the group 

In this friendly, supportive environment you will:
• learn some practical techniques to help you every day
• share both your worries and your breakthroughs
• feel stronger, more resilient, and more creative

• release emotional blocks,
• let go of frustration and stress,
MeditateClouds• feel more calm and joyful,
• find practical ways to enjoy life, and your kids, more.

When you are calmer and more centred, it’s amazing how other things just fall into place.

Feel like a goddess, not a hamster on a wheel!