This is a wonderful technique for helping to overcome inner blocks, and to create a healthy balance between body and mind.  It can be used in a large number of instances.

Hypnosis is much like meditation: a practice to access your subconscious and use guided imagery to improve your sense of wellness.  For a taster of what it’s like, here is a mini meditation, just five minutes, to increase mindfulness and release negative thoughts:

CNHC WebMarkHypnosis is especially recommended in any situation where conscious and subconscious thoughts are working against one another.  It is also great for anything which is controlled by the subconscious, helping you to consciously alter those processes that are normally beyond your control, such as hormone imbalances or sensations such as pain.

In particular, it can help with the following:

Addictions,  Allergies,  Anxiety,  Assertiveness

Bad Habits,  Depression,  Eczema,  Hot Flushes

Insomnia,  Migraine,  Nail biting

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Pain,  Panic,  Phobias,  Performance Anxiety

Procrastination,  Smoking,  Stammering

Stress (eg. exams, work, relationships)

Teeth Grinding,  Tinnitus,  Weight management

BSCHlettersFollowing the Code of Ethics of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, sessions are confidential and always aimed at creating greater well-being for the client.

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