Hypnorelaxation is not just a great introduction to hypnosis. It is a marvellous practice in and of itself. Through guided imagery, you experience a host of benefits that encompass the physical, mental and emotional.

It offers all the advantages of mindful relaxation: stress relief, immune system improvements, relief from chronic pain, improved sleep, lower blood pressure, better breathing, lower cortisol levels, and unlocking emotional blockages.

On top of that, hypnorelaxation has some added benefits. It helps you to achieve these positive changes more quickly and effectively. It brings a holistic focus to destressing. Hypnorelaxation also maximises the mind-body connection, helping you to improve your health. And the experience itself will help you find what works best for you, as well as giving you the opportunity to tap into and use your own inner resources in whatever way serves you best.

You can enjoy the benefits of hypnorelaxation in a class setting, or through private sessions to fit with your own precise needs and schedule.

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